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  1. Agret


    1 - You must allow pings in your router, it is probably blocked here. Look for "respond to ICMP requests" or "allow ping reply" in the router settings and enable it. 2 - You have written it wrong, you don't write 2x you just write 2 Now my question is does anyone know how to make an unranked server with all weapons unlocked? I have tried the config that people use on regular BF3 server but it doesn't unlock any assignment weapons only the ones from the base game. I think there must be some Zlo specific command line to fake the blaze data that they have everything unlocked while playing on your server but I am not sure of the command. Thanks.
  2. Agret

    Battlefield 3 Server Permission

    You do need permission to host servers, it must be done through this screen Can someone with 24hrs of playtime please create a server for me (any username/password will do) and pm me the details thanks The page is here -
  3. Agret

    Battlefield 3 Alpha?

    Thanks for the link Fenix I see now that you need a license file that nobody has anymore, that's a shame. More of the game engine was exposed in the alpha files so could play around with it more.
  4. Agret

    Is BF4 a bit broken in places??

    You probably just have high latency or the guy you are shooting has high latency
  5. Agret

    Battlefield 3 Alpha?

    I have the files from Battlefield 3 alpha and want to try them but when I open the game it needs ZLOrigin to activate. I get this message but I don't know Russian can you please translate -
  6. Agret

    Battlefield 3 Server Permission

    Hi ZLOFENIX can you please give me permissions to host a BF3 server. I want to experiment with modding Battlefield 3 but to host the BF3 server it says I must play for one day. Does that mean just login and play a match then wait one day or does it mean I must log a full 24hrs of playtime? I just want to host a server and mess around, I own the game legit so don't really want to be forced into playing 24hrs on foreign servers. Thanks.
  7. Agret

    ZLOrigin No Internet Connection

    If you did an update on ZLOrigin now it's just normal Origin. You must delete the folder and extract it again. Run ZClient.exe and login to that and once you have logged in successfully to ZClient then open ZOrigin and it will automatically be logged in. Here is the link for ZClient if you don't have it already
  8. Agret

    Grid 1 Free

    The online server for this game shutdown a few years ago but you can still play using this program -