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How to install and play BF4 / FAQ /

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How to install and play BF4 / FAQ /

                      Your PC must meet the minimum requirements:

OS: Windows Vista SP2 32-bit or later
Processor (AMD): Athlon X2 2.8 GHz
Processor (Intel): Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
Hard disk: 65 GB
Graphics Card (AMD): AMD Radeon HD 3870
Video card (NVIDIA): Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT
Memory of the video card: 512 MB

1. Register on the site ZLOEmu (mail and password from this site will be required for authorization in the game).
1.2. Install or update Direct X.
1.3. Install or update the Visual C ++ package of all available versions on the official website for your OS.
1.4. Install or update the latest drivers on your graphics card.

To avoid installation problems, disable the antivirus and firewall!

2. Download ZClient to any folder on your own.
2.1. Start ZClient, enter the username and password from the registration on the site in the window (see step 1), (if everything went well, you will receive the message: "Successful authorization as ...")

Run always on behalf of the administrator! A single copy of Zclient should be started.
Also do not run ZClient when you have already started the Origin process in the TM!

3. Download and install the ZLOrigin archive (unpack the archive in a convenient place, different from the folder with the official Origin.)
4. Launch Origin.exe from the folder with ZLOrigin. He must authorize himself and open himself.
5. Download Battlefield 4 and then all the add-ons that are available for download in the "ADVANCED" and "ADDITION AND BONUS" tabs!
5.1 Go to the game properties and select "x86" or "x64" in the parameters, depending on your OS.
6. Download Battlefield 4 through the torrent: here or with  hereGoogle Drive: https://goo.gl/FopJPp
7. Download PunkBuster Run the test. Everything should be green, OK.
7.1. Download PunkBuster Launch and add Battlefield 4.

Add to the exceptions of your antivirus and firewall folders with ZClient, ZLOrigin, Battlefield 4!

8. Run from the browser.
8.1. Launch Opera Neon, Yandex or Microsoft Edge (for Win10).
8.2.Open the page
https://bf4.zloemu.net/servers Execute the "entrance" in the upper right corner (see point 1).
8.3. Select the server you like. Click "Join".
9. Starting from ZClient.
9.1. At the bottom of the ZClient, select the game and click on the "Run" button.
9.2. In the game menu select the server and click: "join"
10. Launch from the launcher.
10.1. Download launcher, run as administrator.
10.2. Select the server to click "join."

When the Battlefield 4 icon appears on the taskbar, expand it and wait for the map to load.
Downloading can take a long time (up to 5-7 minutes)!

Have a good game!

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