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Started a BFHL server. Its a shame that such a good game has no players!!

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Hi everyone,

Are you tired of playing Battlefield 3 or Battlefield 4....


Who among you has ever played the game Battlefield Hardline. This game is Great, but never really caught on.
I bought the original game and today there are still servers online, but there is actually only one server thats populated and not with that many players.
I thought maybe we could revive this game here at zloemu. Zlofenix made it possible to play it here so why not play the game.. out of respect we should.

I made a game server for this game. And with this message I want to call on you to come and play on it. Revive the the game.
Hardline is one of the better games from the battlefield series. With several innovative game types. You can drive with cool cars. Play the villain, or catch the crooks.

Come try out my server. Hardline is a really good game.

Greetings kameleke

ps: share this post with all your friends on zloemu

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