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Found 5 results

  1. Здравствуйте, столкнулась с такой проблемой: недавно у меня обновилась основная игра The Sims и после этого у меня в игре нет доп. контента, хотя в папке "Mods" всё так же как и было, контент присутствует, а в игре его нет. Подскажите кто-нибудь, что с этим делать?
  2. I had a error with my The Sims 3. It's my first time running it on ZLOrigin and appeared that. The error says: "Origin is required to play this game. Install Origin and run the game again. If Origin is installed and the game don't run, contact customer support."
  3. Hello. I recently installed ZLOrigin with ZLClient and all that required stuff so I could download and play The Sims 4. Unfortunately, I could not be able to do so for other reasons, but when I ran ZLOrigin for the first time, it "updated" my previosly pirated copy of The Sims 3. Now, when I want to run it, it opens origin and won't let me play, becuase it says I do not have origin installed on my computer. Which, funny enough, I also have installed on my computer since I own a couple games on that platform. What do I do? Thanks beforehand.
  4. После скачивания дополнений, они без какой-либо ошибки не хотят устанавливатся. Сначала вроде грузится,но не устанавливается. Пишет опять install .
  5. After I installed the The Sims 4 and all DLC's and updates, whenever I start the game after about 10 minutes my pc turns off. I tested with my antivirus on and off, and the problem is the same. I played only the base game before trying the ZLOrigin version and this issue never appeared. What should be this issue?
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