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Found 3 results

  1. Brendo

    Forum ranks.

    New members of the community. Automatic rank. •••••••••••••• Obtained in achieving 64 forum posts. Please do not spam to get this rank. •••••••••••••• Server Owner or Chief Server Administrator. Obtained after your server has been active for more than 1 month and you lose it when your server is inactive for more than 1 month. •••••••••••••• Received for special merit to ZLOGAMES. •••••••••••••• Responsible for resolving user issues in the forum. You can receive this if Admin Staff decide that you are useful enough for the forum. •••••••••••••• The next level of Moderator. Responsible for everything in order to reduce the pressure of the administrators. •••••••••••••• Chief Administrator of the Forum & Project.
  2. Stay up to date with FAQ - CLICK ME! F.A.Q. about ZClient and ZlOrigin ZClient и ZlOrigin » Support! FAQ about Battlefield 4 forum // Support section // Archive // FAQ about Battlefield 3 forum // Support section // Archive // FAQ about The Sims 4 forum // Support section // Archive // F.A.Q. Problems with Installation and Launching ( It's not for BF3/4 but it is useful) Forum rules » RULES! Before you create a topic, please check out Topics' Archive and use searching at forum. ....few more things News Launchers // ZloLauncher BF4 / BF3 Servers BF4 // Servers BF3 Zlo Battlefield Bad Company 2 servers Topics' Archive. Servers. Launchers Report a cheater in BF4 // Report a cheater in BF3 FAQ on Bans. Misc : Combat League (Clans) // Games // Off-Topic Outdated topic, that can be still useful for reading. Big thanks to Lennie.
  3. HELLO EVERYONE AND ADMIN ! FENIX I THINK U REMEMBERED ME ! I have been banned for 4 months for hacking or using aim bot . All ban is permanent i didnt know that okay well! Everyone know ZCLIENT USES A CA TO ACCESS OUR PC'S ROOT, I want to play again for god sake please i want to play again give me a last chance . ZloFenix my ID NAME : AKASH-ROCK {DONT WANT THIS ACCOUNT BACK JUST WANT TO CREATE NEW ACCOUNT WITHOUT GETTING BAN} PLEASE REMOVE MY PC'S HWID / IP / OR ANYTHING THAT YOU GUYS USED TO FIND IDENTITY OF MY PC - FROM BANLIST JUST GIVE ME ONE CHANCE . I WANT TO REALLY PLAY AGAIN . I LOVED ZLOEMU . WHEN ZLOEMU.ORG CHANGED THEIR DOMAIN TO ZLOEMU.TK IT TAKES ABOUT 1 MONTH TO CREATE NEW DOMAIN I WAS AFRAID AND I THOUGHT ZLOEMU IS DEAD BUT WHEN ZLOEMU COMES AGAIN I WAS TOTALLY HAPPY TO SEE. AND STARTED PLAYING AGAIN WITH NEW ZCLIENT AND LAUNCHERS ! BUT I DIDNT KNOW A KIND OF HACK CAN TAKE ME TO SERIOUS BAN. I APPOLOGIES TO Zloemu Commiunity for HACK . I have so many friends in zlo bf3 so much good memories but now i cant play . I TRIED TO BYPASS THE BAN BUT UNSUCCEED ! Please #ZloFenix i am sorry and my apologize to you Please hope you will understand my pain to not play bf3 mp over 4 months . I respected and still respect ZloForum . And i am still waiting to be unbanned . Thank You ZloFenix and Team
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