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Found 22 results

  1. Привет, админ, меня зовут сокем. Я ценю то, что вы делаете, чтобы дать нам лучший игровой опыт, контролируя плохих игроков. Я был забанен год назад в этот день. Я совершил ошибку, поскольку я человек, и я хочу, чтобы вы поняли, сколько я переиграл и заплатил за свой грех. Моя дата разбана была сегодня нас вы можете видеть на снимке экрана, но он все еще говорит мне, что я забанен Что мне делать? Hello admin, my name is sokem I appreciate what you are doing to give us best gaming experience by controlling bad gamers I, I was banned one year a go at this day. I made a mistake as I am
  2. Sokem1

    For fenix

    Please i want do any thing again please one chance please am begging please Please don't ignore me At least reduce the ban date 1 year is so long for me please
  3. I got banned from ZLO for using a DLL injection... I got annoyed at someone aimbotting on a server and i wanted to get back at him with karma and you can see that back fired.. Am completely against hacking and have never received a ban on any game or any gaming community.. Steam, Origin games, Reclamation for BF2142, Rainbow sag 6... This is my first offense and Yes i have read everything under the BAN FAQ... Are there any actions i need to take in order for me to get unbanned ... Sending information, Account info, Network info ?? I just want to be unbanned so i ca
  4. recently i tried to download bf3 so many times but it always end with this massage i just upload a screenshot of the error massage if anyone can help me or have any advice to fix this problem i will be thankful
  5. Вот решил вспомнить и всплакнуть)). Как все начиналось и как развивалось Самое первое видео закрытого теста бф3 эмулятора. На который конечно же набежали клоуны из нексуса
  6. hi and i have a problem that i am not able t download any games from Zlorigin and i get and error of 196613:200 and i also tried the fix for the problem of 196613:0 but it did not work PLS HELP
  7. I have been playing two night before with massonn at picckumetro server. He has banned me of the game with this justification that " you are using maccro".in fact via unreall excuse.Care should be taken that i had shotgun during the game and i was killing him almost whole of times. For decreasing my sccores, he has been kicking me and then he has banned me. He is so selfish and arrogent and his behavior is based upon personal problems and almost players have some problems with his behavior. Please stop him and dont allow him to do this behavior. His performance affect on number of player
  8. we use a family pc and my brother try to hack game and get banned ,after he open new accounts and get multiacc ban too his nickname was furkan46 i think we got hardware ban i cant play game for him stupid mistake can admins unban our pc, if it possible i will be happy i promise i don't let him play there is log 30-01-2019 16:41:09 furk4n Multiacc 30-01-2019 14:22:31 furkan9730 Multiacc 30-01-2019 14:15:12 furkan46 BF3 Hack
  9. Здравствуйте администратор прошу вас разбанить меня,ник system666 bf4 снимаю видео по bf4 хотел показать на видео как выглядит камуфляж dice был на пустом сервере есть видео
  10. heard you never unban anyone? because i mean i would love to be unbanned, played like two games that's it
  11. Hello, long ago i was banned as VelocityMagicV4 for external. Since then didnt find time to make a appeal(too busy schedule :P). Anybody who sees this post, and has fight with me before, may you support here that i am legal. I am guy who just like reverse engineering, not an expert yet, but do them with small tools and games(bf2 is the biggest). So i had Extreme Injector pinned to my taskbar, for hooking for logging purposes. Before i had worked in many beneficial projects and it used to somewhat help me for testing d3dx graphics. As from my name, i loves playing jets in bf3 and anyb
  12. HELLO EVERYONE AND ADMIN ! FENIX I THINK U REMEMBERED ME ! I have been banned for 4 months for hacking or using aim bot . All ban is permanent i didnt know that okay well! Everyone know ZCLIENT USES A CA TO ACCESS OUR PC'S ROOT, I want to play again for god sake please i want to play again give me a last chance . ZloFenix my ID NAME : AKASH-ROCK {DONT WANT THIS ACCOUNT BACK JUST WANT TO CREATE NEW ACCOUNT WITHOUT GETTING BAN} PLEASE REMOVE MY PC'S HWID / IP / OR ANYTHING THAT YOU GUYS USED TO FIND IDENTITY OF MY PC - FROM BANLIST
  13. Hey Guys While i Changed My ID I Took Banned !!? From Juuba90 To Juba__90 without Reason and Someone Told Me .. Zlo Project Will Ban All The Arab Players I Can’t believe that ... !!!
  14. I Forgot that account and created a new one today which name is " DeathAssassin " zlo banned that account too . Can i play with my todays banned Account ? Can you please unban DeathAssassin ? Fenix? I hope u guys will understand my problem Thanks
  15. this is normal? nova_fusion=-NoName- = NINETY_NINE=YOlOBOT=kr4ken
  16. Hello dear friends, I want to introduce you a professional hacker .he is NINETY_NINE Please go to the https://bf3.zloemu.tk/stats NINETY_NINE find. And look carefully " kill=812052 deaths= 716 k/d =1134 time 16150 h wtf???????? He uses different cheat :aim bot _speed hack ..... For my sayings, there are documents and video available. NINETY_NINE = -NoName- =YOlOBOT = kr4ken plz baaaaaaaannnnn
  17. today I Have been banned The reason i used unlock Weapon hack and i Swear i dont use any Hack before and iam sorry unban me pls admin
  18. i have that error for long time err_disconnect_game_genericerror 0 6 -1 please any one help i do every thing all updated , re-install the game many times , change dns adress every thing in the whole internet i do i get bored any one plz help me iam waiting for any answers
  19. Доброго времени суток, администраторы хотел бы чтобы вы прочитали эту тему до конца, просто все сразу же будут матерится из-за всякой темы читаков, я уже давно об этом всем писал, но конкретно был послан нахуй т.к админы здесь за всякой MOD не разбанят и писал я правду всем, вот мне сказали обратится ZloFenix-у, У меня есть друг с которым мы вместе пришли на Зло и дал ему свой мэил чтобы по нему он зарегался и долго времени не терял, после долгих месяцев игры, мы уже были полканами, у меня случилась проблема с лаунчером, после переустановки которой стёрлись данные логина и пароля, я случайным
  20. Важно! Для создания (регистрации) своего сервера вы обязательно должны зайти в игру для регистрации монолита вас как пользователя 0. Установка и настройка сервера 0.1) Для начала нам нужен сам сервер: http://zlotracker.org/36771 и лаунчер сервера ZServer: https://zloemu.net/files/ZServer.exe 0.2) Если у вас есть аккаунт на zloemu.org, вы можете зарегистрировать свой сервер по адресу: http://bf4.zloemu.org/servers?user Логин и пароль для сервера произвольные. Не более 8 символов Важно! Путь до папки вашего сервера не должен содержать кириллицы и не должен быть устано
  21. I'm no great developer, but this is a proof-of-concept. I generally develop in web-based languages, and this is my first true attempt at CSharp [C#]. Working on this alpha, and this was just a test to see if it is all working. Doing a redesign as we speak, as this was sloppily put together. Just thought I'd show you guys. Audio could become a thing once I add better settings.
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