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Found 15 results

  1. Hola a todos, los invito a jugar en el nuevo servidor latino de BF4, son todos bienvenidos, buen ping para jugadores de Argentina, Chile, Uruguay y Brasil. Saludos Discord: https://tiny.one/bf4arg
  2. Спустя недолгое время за игрой, 7-15 минут, меня выкидывает из сервера. В 34h launcher просто отличается от аккаунта, а ZLEFENIX ZExe пишет "отключено" Это случается в 100% случаев
  3. Проблема с библиотеками при запуске Zinstaller в папке с battlefield4. При этом удалял и заново ставил VCredist из попок с игрой, презагружал ПК, пробовал ставить сразу 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017 и 2022 - не помогает
  4. I created Battlefield 4 server and start the server. i can join the server but my friends cannot join,they stuck in <joining server..> loop. how can i fix?
  5. So i spent all night downloading Battlefield 4 (FitGirl Repack) and i just installed ZLOrigin so when i launched ZLOrigin i went to launch Battlefield 4 online but when i go in "my games" it doesn't find the game so i was wondering if there is a way to locate the game using ZLOrigin since it won't find it on it's own
  6. So I successfully installed BF4. Downloaded the Canek77 version as recommended. I run my game through 34H launcher and it starts al fine, but when I am in the game, it is shown that all the weapons are unlocked and yet if I try to change for example from AK-12 to M416, I spawn in the game without anything. And when I try to check my progression after the match, the game crashes. If there isn't progression system, it kills half of the fun in this game. If there is any solution I would very much appreciate it. Kind regrads!
  7. I've been playing on the panda subway and locker server and just by putting a claymore pulls me out, it's very unfair really because the others use explosives and I've been playing on the panda subway and locker server and just by putting a claymore takes me out, it's very unfair really because the others use explosives and nothing happens. Well I'd like to go back to that server and have the admin take that restriction away from me.
  8. Привет! Мне вот интересно, есть ли у вас китайские сервера? Или смогу ли я поиграть в любимую батлу без ВПН?
  9. Help, everything was fine until the first update today. I'm trying to join to a server from BF4 Launcher (which i always do), everything seems fine, game runs, but on zclient, i cant see that the game has ran. The game is trying to connect the server, but it closes quickly and the game launcher gives me this message:
  10. Hello, i have gaming caffe and i installed on two computers bf4. Everything is great while one is playing. If someone else whants to play on same server it disconnect the other one or he just cannot join it. I whanted to install it on all of my PCs and i planned to become patron so i can donate to Zlogames every month for this but i guess its not predicted for gaming caffes, but for single home pc right?
  11. Dear Zlo, I wanted to ask if we can unlock veteran battlepack or not in zlo battlefield 4? I searched the web and it said we must install bf3 or bad company 2 to unlock this. is it possible to unlock it in zlo version? plz help me
  12. - This toutrial about how to install and check needed battlefield 4 files. 1- First you need Bf4 setup/installed files, for me i downloaded RG version from torrent (License version required). 2- Official Origin Download from official page. 3- ZlOrigin Click here to download. 4-ZClient Download from here. - Now we'll start installation instruction : 1- install Official Origin. 2-Install ZlOrigin in any location in your hard drive, NOT the Origin one. e.g: (D:\Soft\) 3- add ZClient.exe to its own folder. 4- install Downloaded game in any location or p
  13. Hi, I was wondering if I could play battlefield 4 on both zlo and official origin on same pc with the same installation folder? Help is really appreciated and thanks in advance!
  14. Важно! Для создания (регистрации) своего сервера вы обязательно должны зайти в игру для регистрации монолита вас как пользователя 0. Установка и настройка сервера 0.1) Для начала нам нужен сам сервер: http://zlotracker.org/36771 и лаунчер сервера ZServer: https://zloemu.net/files/ZServer.exe 0.2) Если у вас есть аккаунт на zloemu.org, вы можете зарегистрировать свой сервер по адресу: http://bf4.zloemu.org/servers?user Логин и пароль для сервера произвольные. Не более 8 символов Важно! Путь до папки вашего сервера не должен содержать кириллицы и не должен быть устано
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