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  1. HI all I have this problem ! I no play this game from 1 year -problem with my PC.Now after fix on my PC i try install Battlefield and problem after problem...and problems.On the last steps I get here.I instal everything,step after step i make 2 accounts on EA/Origins and only error.I make same password like it my acaount in ZLOEmu,but without success.PLEASE HELP ME i want play this game too much :S SORRY for my english
  2. Hello my name in the game is Mashinata90 from 3-4 days i play in your servers because i no have laag and not minted.In your server HP is 60% ,can't regeneration if no have HEAL and so makes KILL little easier.Have players with low rank and skill and 1 day i have most many kills from others and i take bann in this server with 24hrs METRO...because others in this moments in the game is low.Please Unbann me i have Punkbuster and i can show my opportunities
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