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  1. bro i swear it doesnt make any sense i cant understand
  2. ok at least tell me what to do but with more details
  3. can you give me your discord or smth cause i didnt understand anything from what your saying like what does What in EMPTY USER NAME is impossible for you? what does it mean bro i cant understand
  4. 1 my ip or server ip my zlo login name ? my zlo pass or admin server pass plz im confused as hell
  5. bro plz just tell me what do i have to fill the fields with thats it cause i did everything nothing works
  6. bro i didnt understand im so confused i did everything and nothing works can you send me a tutorial or smth
  7. i cant find the username and pass in the startup.exe and you didnt tell me with what i should fill the fields bro bro i put the ip then the port and then i put login and pass and still cant connect it i also put my own ip adress and still didnt work
  8. still the same thing the server is runing but i dont know how to connect it to procon
  9. i did and i got it working but i dont know how to connect it to procon can you show me how ?
  10. so i downloaded all the required files for the bf4 server but when i start it it says wrong auth data pack or smth and my server wont start what do i do
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