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  1. Damn. Have the errors been resolved yet?
  2. Good to hear. My friend is asking if it’s possible to add a feature where you can start a match with less than 4 players?
  3. Tried it out with a friend. We couldn't add each other as friends in game, the game says they don't exist. We also couldn't join each other through quick match. Just says "Failed to join game."
  4. Perhaps I could get a few people and test it with you?
  5. Alright. If there's any progress, just let me know.
  6. I'm in a server full of people willing to test it. Do you need an invite?
  7. The Dead Space 2 Multiplayer servers are going to shut down this Friday. Will it get new servers from zloemu?
  8. I installed Dead Space 3, but my Steam saves won't work. Just says that the save is "corrupted, and cannot be used." Is there anything I need to do to make it work, or do I need to make a new save?
  9. Oh ok. Does that mean I can't play the multiplayer through ZLOemu?
  10. Just installed Dead Space 2 through ZLOrigin, but I can't find a match. I can go into the multiplayer menu, but cannot go matchmaking. Is this because there are no players on?
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