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  1. I don't use a router, I connect directly with mobile data
  2. I put VPN and I start the server it starts ingame with or without VPN but even so they can't remotely enter it I repeat I don't have firmware
  3. The same thing happens to me, even though I use a VPN it doesn't let me connect to my server but it does let me connect to the ones available and to my own server but it doesn't let the other players
  4. I have the firewall fully open and it still happens try on another pc and the same thing
  5. I had created a Battlefield 4 server and all the players could enter and a few days ago it no longer lets them, the screen stays black and the procon says that they are entering but they crash
  6. but since I already activated it in the startup.txt but in win32 I don't see what to put
  7. pero como ya lo active en el startup.txt pero en win32 no veo que poner
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