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  1. already admin... solved thks
  2. hello to the admins of the community... since today I decided to start the section to play like every day the game is throwing me the following error which I attach the photos... the next thing is that at the time of starting the section for the ZClient this section starts normally and when I hit Connect in the 34h Launcher the servers don't come up and autofollow the ZClient disconnects and gives me the error of time finished... then it comes back and reconnects automatically and continues doing the same. ..I haven't been able to play because of this...I need to know if there's a solution or
  3. Here I attach the photo of my logo in my main profile of zlo and a photo of this user with my same logo (said logo has my nick_name) and several racist comments from this towards the other players. In addition, this user has not done it only with me but with other players... therefore it is not the first time and then he uses the stolen logos to offend and say things that have nothing to do with the game... Greetings and I await a response by the community.
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