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  1. Are you guys sure you're opening Zclient and dragging D2R.exe into the launcher? If you just launch the exe, it will show that message.
  2. You're right, I read more about it and it's just very common for diablo 2 saves to become corrupted. And the remaster has the same issue. That's why people make a lot of backups. I learned the hard way ^^ Anyway I just made a new character and this time I make many backups. Thanks for the reply and kudos for being active on the forum despite the haters
  3. blz-log.txt Also sending my log file.
  4. I had a crash while trying to enter the location under the palace in Lud Gholein. I restarted the game and now my whole save file is gone. (I clicked the play offline tab of course). Could anyone help me? I've attached my save file folder. Diablo II Resurrected.rar
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