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  1. ok. Focusing on what you told me, I tried this. When I ran it in the ZLOrigin program, there was still an error. However, when I pressed the Run button shown in the zclient program, it ran properly. In other words, the game installation should be done with ZLOrigin, and the game execution should be done only with the Zclient. The problem has been solved. I have another question. I hope I can play LAN multiplayer. Like a StarCraft game. Using multi-play in this game gives people a lot of fun. Do you have any plans to apply?
  2. ok. I installed ZLOrigin and Game. When I connected Northgard, see this one. I played the game with the ZLOrigin program and logged in. However, a message is still output saying that the Origin login is necessary. I'd appreciate it if you could tell me what I did wrong. Thank you for answering.
  3. I heard about Northgard But I don't know how to download it. I can't even see the section in FAQ. Where can I get it? Let me know. Thank you for reading it.
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