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  1. Yes restarting zclient and letting it go to 10.08 worked. Ty so much zlofenix
  2. Thanks for the fast response but no it's still doing it. Here is another picture for u ZClient (gyazo.com) Also tried with the original d2r.exe in the actual Diablo 2 resurrection folder and that still works.
  3. Hello so i've been playing d2 resurrected on zclient for about 2 weeks. been working fine and this past week i get something called a run drop failed 6. What i have found out is that if i open my diablo 2 res folder and i use the actual d2r.exe file in there. It works but when i use the shortcut on my desktop i get run drop failed 6. i provided a picture but for some reason i couldn't insert it so i'll leave the link. Does anyone know a fix for this? or why this started to happen and to get it to work with my shortcut. ZClient (gyazo.com)
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