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  1. Thanks! I also used auto-hotkey to run game from Steam. However, steam-overlay is not working so I cannot use my steam controller, is there a way to enable steam overlay?
  2. Its weird how this game hasn't been cracked yet. even just the singleplayer campaign which looks awesome
  3. Seeing how Diablo 2 Resurrected Singleplayer easily got cracked after release despite online check, is Modern Warfare (2019) possible to crack too? Seeing as its been 2 years since release, I am surprised nobody has cracked this yet, even just the Singleplayer. I've been dying to play the campaign but its still too expensive
  4. UPDATE guys: I was able to make a batch file to do exactly this Obviously replace the directory with yours, and make sure to place the bat file the same folder as ZClient.exe It runs ZClient.exe alone first then waits for 15 seconds for you to autologin. after 15 seconds it will try to do the "drag and drop" maneuver to run D2R.exe, it checks for it three times at 5 second intervals just to be sure, then closes itself. If your computer is too slow to open Zclient or login, you can extend the delay. for example 1000 seconds = ping -n 1000 -w 1000 > NUL
  5. Is it possible to launch Zclient and Diablo directly through a shortcut, cmd, bat file, or a command line? without dragging the exe? The reason is that I use a game launcher to organize my games (with controller) and I would like to be able to launch Diablo directly through zclient
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