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  1. try turbo VPN its working for me United States location thank you ZLOFENIX for help.
  2. i get this error too whats wrong with zclient!!?
  3. i have the latest version of zclient and still having this problem please can anybody help me?
  4. whats up i have installed zlorigin and when i start downloading bf4 it does not want to download and i get this error it stucks on preparing download till i get this error knowing that my network works fine can anyone help me please? thanks in advance
  5. can we play these games single player without internet connection using the content we download from zlorigin?
  6. i have fixed it i downloaded the game again through zlorigin but i have changed the msvcp110.dll in system 32 downloaded visual c++ 2012 from microsoft but first u need to delete your existing visual c++ then setup the new. thanks for your feedback pain9119 your way might be working but i didnt try it thanks anyway. there's a little thing else i cant join servers as spectator it loads a little bit and then go back to menu it's because im new so i need to have an idea about how the game works and learn some stuff so is there any fix to that?
  7. hey whats up i have this error when i try to launch bf4 i did everything like the web site says i have downloaded it with zlorigin ,downloaded it from outside the site and changed the download game location from zlorigin . heres the error screen hope someone helps me please. thanks in advance.
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