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  1. at my age we are very oblivious to this, but it's my fault I would have reacted like that if someone had spoken to me normally
  2. Я действительно не понимаю причину, по которой ты меня оскорбляешь, мне очень жаль
  3. im really sorry , i dont understand why you insult me
  4. I admit that I cheated and I am at fault, I think you can see that I created a lot of accounts to replay a bf4, without cheating this time I understood my mistakes and I would do it more, I cheated twice I understood that it was useless and I would not do it again the third time, if I get banned in 2 days it is proof that it is useless, and in this message I just wanted to ask for ... a second chance for ZLOEMU, I know that sounds weird from a cheater. but i really apologize, and i swear i wouldn't cheat again, and if you could give me a second chance, if you unban me i will thank you by stop cheating
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