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  1. Okay, I see what you mean now. I'm not sure how, but I tried it again today, and it worked. I was able to download all the games without errors. Thank you.
  2. I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you mean. Look into the installation folder for zclient, and if so, what would I be looking for exactly? I have it inside a folder I executed from my anti-virus software on my desktop.
  3. Hello to all, Hopefully, I'm placing this in the right place. If not, I'm sorry. I started downloading the Sims 3 yesterday and everything was going perfectly fine. It was when I got to Sims 3: Island Paradise did I start experiencing this issue. I got a pop-up message saying that the network is having problems. I stopped downloading, waited for a few hours, and tried again and got the same issue. I also tried using my VPN, and got the same problem. I will admit that I forgot to turn it on before; I don't know if that matters or not. I did not get any notifications from my Norton virus so
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