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  1. So I would Say Who there Is an error of update of zclient
  2. I'm a user of Zlorigin, I would ask you if you could resolve the execution on Zlorigin so when i try to play the Sims 4 i play with zclient, but this for me it's wrong, becouse it's Easiest play with Zlorigin than start the game with zclient. Resolve it.
  3. Thanks for your help zlofenix
  4. however i've zlorigin on another pc yesterday i ve installed and give me the same error pls you shoud control if this is a bug or an errror system and could be update zlorigin infact i've reinstalled and this error appered
  5. How can i do to unlock the game?
  6. nothing il download è bloccato ti mando la foto
  7. For a long time i played to ts4 in zlorigin but three days before I've a problema I had reinstalled the game but the download i blocked and zclient advice me "can't connect to cload 1
  8. Sono Nik09 un giocatore che gioca in zlorigin a Ts4 3 giorni prima di aver scaricato Sims 4 ma il download non viene eseguito, viene visualizzato un errore di download non riuscito, zclient dice non può connettersi a cload 1. cosa POSSO FARE? pls aiutami
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