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  1. yea true try solo first then multi , also what bf 3 or 4 also what is the error send screenshot
  2. okay after doing all of this , it seems to be server related but not all servers some , maybe ping , i used and https://wowinterface.com/downloads/landing.php?s=c8a8b818ba9c6102cf8f17217196abf9&fileid=13581 leatrix latency tool now works thx
  3. i wish i have the tool pipe but i dont have and not found on this forum : / but i found this on the net , https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/win32/wer/collecting-user-mode-dumps?redirectedfrom=MSDN from this link https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/discover/145242/battlefield-3-34-bf3-exe-stopped-working-34-error/ i followed guide but i dont have nvidia just laptop graphic hd intel i followed guide to generate windows dump error ,generated dump in %LOCALAPPDATA%\CrashDump i open error dump with this tool named windebug : http://www.windbg.org/, this tool allow to view dmp file as text file there is wierd error Func_impl_no_alloc on the file dump , after search on google it is graphic error apparently , i will try other version of intel driver also after re install34h launcher it gives me this : >ERR_DISCONNECT_GAME_GENERICERROR 0 6 -1 so will try fix both graphic error and this .
  4. Hello i have this problem with bf3 , every game i try join after 4 min or so it disconects no server works so what i did so far was but still didnt fix the game issue(after research on google bf3 ea forums guideline : https://answers.ea.com/t5/Battlefield-3/Battlefield-3-fixes-guide-read-carefully/td-p/76264) : did everything on the guide + pc cleanup using CCleaner software and defragmented hard drive , but nothing works so i moved to punk buster Re install punk server, set punk service to autostart and re installed the game cause i cant repair from origin . after this i tried create punk buster config file (following yt tutorial ) created config file to view logs of punk buster : pb_LogToFile = 1 (0=No, 1=Yes) pb_SsLog = 1 (0=No, 1=Yes) pb_SsSave = 1 (0=No, 1=Yes) PB_LOGMD5TOOL = 1 (0 to 1) pb_Security = 0 (0=No, 1=Yes) file name : pbcl.cfg , in punk buster folder , no errors in punk buster logs Now im stuck , is there a way to view bf game logs , i saw a video on forum using pipe.exe(idk where to download this tool) for bf4 ( https://zlogames.ru/index.php?/topic/8276/ ) , does this tool work for bf3 , where to get it , maybe this will help me post something usefull here i got same issue with bf4 same thing Using 34h launcher , and zlomultiplayerlauncher , is problem maybe from launcher , also is there a way to play with old launcher perhaps its the problem ?
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