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  1. jesus christ you kidding me? do you know any vpn??
  2. my dear first vpn download sites is filter in my country give me a vpn work in zlorigin.i have a file its somthing like vpn but its dont workin zclient name is taklol.exe you wanna see it? mabye it can help me.please my pc is potato and only game i can play is bf3 or bf4 in zlorgin please bro i am beging you. when i using vpn my ping is 600 the most playable ping is 300 my ping is 600!!! or give me a dns can help me. this is suppurt part right so help me link for download taklol.exe its 7MB https://s17.picofile.com/file/8416482876/taklol.exe.html
  3. oh dear you wont fix my problem. give me a way to fixxxxxxx ittttttttttttttttt dont be racisttttttttttttt. give me a wayyyy i neeeed helppppppppppppp how can i fixxx this piece of shitttttttt
  4. dear admin i try many ways but not work. this is new problem i cant enter zloemu.net without VPN and zclient cant connect without vpn. please tell me a way you are russian(hacker) means you know how to fix it. h change my network company reset router but not worked . i have to only use vpn and get 20% pcktloss and 600 ping(something like offline)
  5. guys i have problem with z client it wont connected without vpn. connecting-connected-disconnected by time out-disconnected its look like its filter im from iran. with vpn i cant play ping 500 10% pckloss
  6. i never need to use vpn in bf4 but now zclient dont connect without vpn i try dns but not work
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