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  1. Hi! I updated Sims 4 to version but now I can't execute it (even as admin). I already tried to delete the Origin file in Program Data, I also deleted user>app data>local and roaming files and reinstalled visuals C++, ZLOrigin and Zclient. When clicking the play buttom in ZLOrigin, it shows in Zclient "PreAuth ts4_x64.exe OK" and the tse_x64 execution, but the game never opens up. Can you please tell me what else can I do to play it again?
  2. Hi guys! I want to know if someone is having the same issue I do. On Friday (Jul 24th) when launching ZLOrigin I saw my download bar missing. I try to update the Sims 4 and even though the update starts I cannot pause/resume. I tried to delete the Origin file in Program files x86 and I even reinstalled everything again but it is still not working. Can you please tell me how to fix it? Thank you!!
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