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  1. Hello! ZClient can't update the new one that was released on May 13th. The update stops when updating something called "public", perhaps is the firewall that is preventing it for being installed/updated, but I can't find/don't know which is the file so I can add it to the exceptions; can anybody help me? thanks!
  2. I tried it and it worked! Is it going to be like this always? Can I uninstall ZLOrigin? or I still need it for updates? thanks!
  3. Sorry, but don't know what the above means? run it from zclient? Am I not doing it? In that case, how do I do it? Run it in from 64x? I think I'm doing it... right? can you please be more specific? I'm a bit of a newbie in these things, I've just followed steps when installing or running the game, I don't know what to do out of that. Thanks
  4. I have the same issue after the last update.
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