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  1. Just uninstalled the game and installed again, already did all of the steps above, and nothing. This is definitely a problem with ZLOrigin. What other thing can i do? Will someone ever fix this? because it seems i'm not the only one with this problem and i did all the steps correctly. Is there a version of the game that is already updated like a torrent so i don't have to use ZLOrigin just to update the game, seems pretty pointless plus ive heard the speed won't be that good either way.
  2. yeah thats what i did. The problem here is ZLOrigin not my unability to read a tutorial.
  3. I am now downloading the game version that the zlemu page says to download (torrent one) and see if it will fix the issue, will post a response later. I hope so. but again i think the ZLOrigin problems will persist, since the problem is in the program and not the game.
  4. Ok restarted to no avail. Back to getting the windows message again. This is really frustating. I did not have this many problems last time i used the program and i could launch straight from ZClient without any problems and now it just says that it could not reach ea servers, wth happened? because it seems that my options are quite limited now. Is it a problem with the Fitgirl repack? altought when i launched it the first time it said i had all DLC so i don't know whats happening, and i really don't want to spend time download the game again just so i encounter the same problems with ZLOrigin. Plus i have UAC disabled how the hell is it saying that i need to use UAC?
  5. Now the windows message is gone but i get a new one saying i need to press yes to be able to download the files because they were paused but there is no yes button after. Is there another way to play the game without using ZLOrigin?, this thing is awful and full of bugs basically. Tried another way someone said i think here on the forum, to run a bat file to update the game manually, but i get an error when running the bat. i don't get it the files are all there ZLOrigin just need to install them and its still trying to download them again? WTF?
  6. 1) https://imgur.com/IHM9nwe 2) Already did both of them and it didn't work, altought the error is not showing up anymore but the game just hangs in queue now when repairing or updating trought ZLOrigin, and sometimes sends me to the settings page for some reason.
  7. hi people, so i already intalled ZLOrigin and Zclient once to play battlefield 4 a long time ago, and at the time everything seemed to work without problems. but now it's a different story. I downloaded Fitgirls repack with all the dlc included. Installed ZLOrigin and Zclient, and already had origin installed. But i can't seem to launch straight from Zclient as i use to do, and in Zlorigin if i try to update the game or repair it it shows me an error saying that windows is blocking ZLorigin from installing the files needed and to give permission after i press retry, wich it does not show anything following this message. After taking a look at different solution scattered trought the interwebs and even some that were not there too, i tried the following to no avail: -Disabling UAC. -Reinstall both Zlorigin and Official Origin. -Disable all anti-virus and firewall protection. -Create a permission in firewall (altought firewall is disabled). -Go to ZLOrigin.exe and right click on properties and changing the security settings to full control. -Running every program as administrator. -Using another launcher in my case i used EvonixLauncher with mixed results, sometimes it launches the game when i press join on a server but just hangs on loading screen, somethimes launches the Official Origin and tells me to login to the Official Origin, Also whenever i launch it it says that it can't check the version. -Making sure ZLOrigin is using the correct installation folder and drive. Can someone help me because whatever i do i just get the same WIndows is blocking Origin from installing, when i try to Repair or Update the game so i can play, and its driving me nuts. Edit: Typos
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