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  1. If possible could you please add all the relevant dlc for dead space 1 and 2 and also enable achievements for both.
  2. Is the awakened dlc the only dlc that's available. Because I can't seem to find the other dlc which gives you suits and other stuff.
  3. Never mind, I fixed it, I had to port forward.
  4. When trying to join a session, says connecting then its say failed to join. What should I do?
  5. If anyone is interested to play Dead Space 3 coop add me in ZLOrigin.
  6. DaanDSH

    Dead Space 3

    coop works if anyone wants to play add me in zlorigins
  7. DaanDSH

    Dead Space 3

    @Slidan try joining my game
  8. DaanDSH

    Dead Space 3

    @Slidan I've sent friend request accept in zlorigin
  9. DaanDSH

    Dead Space 3

    @Slidan not sure i only downloaded dead space 3 in zlorigin. I want to test out coop in dead space 3
  10. DaanDSH

    Dead Space 3

    @Slidan send me an invite. I want to see if it works.
  11. DaanDSH

    Dead Space 3

    I wanna try out coop
  12. Does anyone still play Dead Space 3 and if so please add me. Haven't played coop yet.
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