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  1. thank you for taking the time and reply. I'm not saying that the files you uploaded are broken. for whatever reason my home PC and VPS can't run the exe. (both BF3 and Hardline server exe are working fine) so all I'm saying is if someone can share their working exe by uploading it individually somewhere so I can test if the problem is with my exe or its from something else. another topic : If I wanted to run Hardline (maybe I give up on running BF4 or maybe in the future) there is no servers available for my account to rank up and get registered in the DRM. is there any other way I can register a server in hardline now?
  2. I am very sorry but I'm at my office right now and I don't have access to my home PC. can you by any chance upload your own exe somewhere and send me the link? when I get home I will test and if it didn't work I will set up a team viewer connection for you or give you the IP and password for remote connection to the VPS
  3. Hi! your server is working now? the R60 exe is giving me the crashing problem and GreenPNZ says maybe the exe is broken. I downloaded it 3 times via torrent from ZloTracker website and I even changed my VPS windows but no luck. if your server is operational, can I have your exe? maybe you could upload it somewhere?
  4. Sry I forgot to mention that I downloaded the server files via Torrent from ZloTracker website. the version is called R60
  5. thanks for the reply! so you have the exact problem too? I downloaded from the torrent in ZLOTracker 3 times already and each time the problem is the same. for the config, I tried everything and every possible way and the result is the exe is crashing. I have all the redist installed and ZLOServer is working fine. no compatibility option worked for fixing the crash and no anti virus software is installed on the VPS. I wish I can find a fix for this server quickly. If I can't, I should maybe run a BF3 or Hardline (if thats possible)
  6. thanks for the reply! Sry I can't speak russian but I translated your reply. So the problem is with the .exe? how other servers are working then? can I use their version of .exe and will it fix the problem? unfortunately I cant disable my server because they don't give my money back and I subscribed for 3 months :D. meanwhile I should look for a fix. my community is eager to get in the game and I should give them something :D another question : can I run a BF Hardline server? I downloaded the server files and the .exe worked fine but I couldnt find a download source for the client. the ZLOrigin wouldn't let me download it from there. is the project finished and working? I can download the game via my legit origin account if the ZLOserver for BFHardline version is working and I can upload the client for my community. I appreciate any kind of help!
  7. Update : I changed the windows of the VPS to windows server 2008 and it still crashes. I would be very grateful if anyone helped.
  8. Hi! I recently decided to run a BF4 server. done all the steps and double checked everything. still, when I want to run the startserver.bat it crashes and says battlefield4 has stopped working. here is the problem details for the crash : Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: bf4_server_Final.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 59949f58 Fault Module Name: bf4_server_Final.exe Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 59949f58 Exception Code: 80000003 Exception Offset: 000000000000a6eb OS Version: 6.3.9600. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: 3a36 Additional Information 2: 3a36f9ea25e02205be194a69d096f0b6 Additional Information 3: 6ac5 Additional Information 4: 6ac526f83c0027fd64c181800f9f2087 Also I'm using these config for the bat file : @echo off set INSTANCEDIRECTORY="C:\BF4_PC_Server_R60_179574_Zloemu\Instance" set SERVERNAME="GriffinDivision" set GAMEPORT=2302 set REMOTEADMINPORT=*** set ADMINPASSWORD=*** set PINGSITE=ams set REGION=IR set COUNTRY=IR set ZLOGIN=*** set ZPASS=*** echo "Running Server" start bf4_Server_Final.exe -zlogin %ZLOGIN% -zpass %ZPASS% -serverInstancePath %INSTANCEDIRECTORY% -GamePort %GAMEPORT% -Country %COUNTRY% -RemoteAdminPort %REMOTEADMINPORT% +admin.password "%ADMINPASSWORD%" -PingSite %PINGSITE% -Region %REGION% +vars.serverName "%SERVERNAME%" -DisplayAsserts false the *** are properly filled. they are not actually these symbols I appreciate any help from anyone. thanks in advance EDIT : I'm using windows server 2012 R2 and it doesn't have any antivirus so I'm sure the problem is not from any means of anti malware software.
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