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  1. [SOLVED] Managed to work it with 34H Launcher.
  2. I am using the launvher. Did every workaround in FAQ. Trying this for 2 days. BF4 multiplayer works like a charm.Reinstalled BF3 like 8 times with every differnt method. I'm both using ZClient and ZLOrigin. Both sends me to official page. Edit: Posting here is my last resort.
  3. So when i try to run the game with ZClient or with ZLOrigin everytime it pops up a window on chrome in official site with "Wrong email or password". I tried with the reloaded BF3 and the torrent I found here. Both do the same. Also I never post a problem that I can find a solution on Forums or F.A.Q. This means i have already tried the "DelOriginCache_.bat" , and deleted the cahce, updated the game again and still does the same thing. Did everything on the F.A.Q. section. Updated evrything but no luck. No problem with Battlefield 4 but my computer can't handle BF4 pretty much. So I really wanna try BF3 multiplayer. Any help?
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