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  1. I had ZLOrigin istalled before and played bf4 but I upgraded my hdd and now it tries to install it on E:\ hdd but i dont even have an E:\ drive. I am really clueless with this one... any help would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks man, the origin cache needed to be deleted and after that it works!
  3. yeah I did everything like you said and Origin did pop up in task manager for like 3-5 seconds and before it went away a text poped up near it and said that it was suspended, and in ZClient it says origin.exe.
  4. Every help is appreciated. Hi, so when I start ZClient first it tells that I have no ZLO certificate but then it tells auth succes and I try to open ZLOrigin and nothing happens it just says in ZClient origin.exe but nothing else. I should also say that i downloaded everything right the first time and everything worked but while the game was installing I came back and ZLOrigin was closed and after that it didn't work anymore, and I am not shure if I downloaded all the DLC's.
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