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  1. Many thanks for this. Now working fine.
  2. Please for help. In last 15 days i have problem to play BF4. All work great but no dont. I start zloclient,log in and whet run origin i recive this error now.
  3. Which boxes? Battlepacks that i recive when play online? I recive many battlepack in last 6 months but no more new wheapons.
  4. Not working in pirate version of game? I see when play online that players use this RPK 12, how? And i see that samo players have something with name target lockator , hot to recise acces to that?
  5. I need help. How to unlock more weapons fo Engineer? REcive mesage CAP REACHED.
  6. Sorry for late answer :-( This dont work. I just reinstall game and all work fine.
  7. Friend,any chance for more help with this? Download this pipe.exe ,double click,black windows open and nothing hapening! Go to this second link and there is subforum for this lounchers,which one to download and wath to do with that files?
  8. How to read that,where to find that log? What is pipe.exe? Sorry,i need detailed help. Dont know much abouth this thing. Thanks.
  9. I read simular topic down and i dont use any cheat or something simular!!!!!
  10. I need help. Playing BF4 with Zclient i ZloOrigin in past 6 months with any problem,everything work great. Now i reinstal my windows 10,instal all again and when i start to play BF4 online afther 2-3 minutes when i start to play i geet this window i get beck on game start screean. Where is problem? On same ISP provider,good speed,ping...
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