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  1. Well... It works. I feel stupid. Thank you!
  2. Hello everybody, I'm sorry for bothering you... I have a problem that I can't solve alone even if I tried hard. Indeed, I can lauch ZLClient, everythings works fine, but when I lauch ZLOrigin ... it doesn't open. In Zclient, it says "origin.exe" but I can't find it in the task manager. I try cleaning the cache (in fact before I used to do it everytime but it always works) and a clean bot but nothing works. Also Windows Defender doesn't tell me that there is a virus so I'm lost... Thank you in advance for you help and have a nice day.
  3. Wow, thank you very much. Indeed, I didn't think about that, but it was because of the Windows' uptade, with Windows Defenders which block the access to the file. Thank you, a lot a lot!!
  4. Hello. First of all, sorry for my english, If I'm not understandable, please tell me. Since six months, I'm playing the Sims with ZL Origin and I've no problems. But, since two days, I've a very bad problem with Zclient. Indeed, when I want to connect with it, Zclient update "Zx32" and then, the file Zx32 desappears. I've had this sometimes, I just deleted the others files and reconnected. But it doesn't work now, I sign up, I "succeed" but when I lauch ZL Origin, it doesn't work because the file Zx32 is missing. I tried a lot of things but it doesn't work at all. Please, help me, I really don't know how to fix this... Thank you
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