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  1. MaHmOuD011

    how can i solve it ???

    No Are original
  2. MaHmOuD011

    how can i solve it ???

    Is there no other way to enter the game ??? Is there any other way than ZloGUILauncher?
  3. MaHmOuD011

    how can i solve it ???

    When I'm playing in the map I can not go to the next map and show this window (error)
  4. MaHmOuD011

    how can i solve it ???

    This problem appears when the connection breaks in the ZClient I am playing the battlefield 4
  5. MaHmOuD011

    how can i solve it ???

    This is always what you get with me what solve this problem ... after the time of playing show me this message .... how can i solve it ???
  6. MaHmOuD011

    What are these things

    thank you
  7. MaHmOuD011

    What are these things

    What are these things ???? Explain to me what they are
  8. MaHmOuD011

    plz help me

    Thank you friends solved the problem .... The problem was with the data file .. I deleted the Battlefield 4 file from this C:\ProgramData\Origin\LocalContent track and then I updated the game and ran the ZloGUILauncher as administrator
  9. MaHmOuD011

    plz help me

  10. MaHmOuD011

    plz help me

    I have the same problem What do I do now ..... Do you have a definite solution to the problem ??? Can you give me game links with all of its add-ons?
  11. MaHmOuD011

    plz help me

    When I download the game from zlorign does not want to install the game and give me this error Can you help me in this problem ??? How can I solve the problem ؟؟؟؟؟