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  1. google didnt translate it correctly .. this is my IP and i am from africa..this guy's the IP is from india !! you just banned me without any reason just because my youtube channel is named sewitz which is a widely used nickname i play both here and origin with no hacks no macros no cheat .. you could ask me to not play in your server without this accusations or ban
  2. lol you know you failed so bad because if you checked the IP you would see that im not the person you talking about thats why im not banned on zlo and im not avoiding the ban .. you ban people just because they rape you in server thats what about it so keep only noobs there and ban the are heros: D
  3. let me guess... the ban wasn't for hacking or anything like was just to get ride of a high K/D player in your server. i know u guys had doubts and u discussed about me in private many times, but honestly it is a cheap way to eliminate a player you should accepte the fact that there is good players out there since you own a server in origin where i easly can get over 200 kills
  4. so you ban players even when they post proof? nice fair play PS look at the chat at the start of the video wanderer_rover : need video kiss! kiss_my-kungfu : ok
  5. this is not nice from you wanderer !!!.. i started recording when you asked me for a video and i sent it to you in PM..!!!!! why you banned me? please go check your mail box
  6. hi everyone you asked for proof here it is <3 when i am in mood i rush i jump and use alot of kung fu skills