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  1. I had traveled to another town and my brother stayed at home with my computer, and he made use of hack, and he got banned with MY account, because I let my login credentials saved in the launcher. I returned today from the trip. When I tried to log and I found that I was banned, I went to see what it was ... Z = Permaban My previous account Cabo_Jorge (The first time I was banned, my brother had a keylogger installed in my computer, then the reason for the game to recognize as a hack My new account that recently got banned because of my IP Coleby (I created this account to try to play again away from my brother, but this was also banned because of my IP) ZloFenix, can you help me, or at least better explain the ban situation? EDIT: the .dll that the game recognized was csrss.dll, and it was in my System32 folder
  2. I haven't tested another dogtag, but maybe they wil not work too. I'll test them.
  3. My selected Dogtag (on zloemu.org -> Dog Tags) (First pic) Dogtag that shows ingame (Second pic) Is this a bug or something? This has been happening since I changed my name on zloemu.org And even if I change it again, It's not going to work. Help me... Sincerely, Coleby - Switchblade - Wedge - -FernandoSniper-
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