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  1. Ohh allright well it's successfully installed though, i ran the registry file but still nothing is happening, it's the same problem, i tried closing Zclient and running it again and using the preferred launcher as well. and I went to the events TAB and it's the same thing being shown as before. Check the screenshot
  2. Ok so I did as you said, and i am attaching the Screenshot as well , On the right you can see the document, and on the left panel you can see my File explorer with the error message at the bottom when i tried running the registry file, Please tell me if the registry file is okay or not, And if there's a short way of helping me out do let me know. Like maybe through Discord screenshare or even skype. Let me know. As this boredom and panademic is killing me
  3. Yeah i read, So i tried reinstalling the game and it didn't help, hence forth i am left with this option which i have no idea what to do and how to do.. [YOUR_LOCALE_HERE] = write your locale en_US or ru_RU here [YOUR_FULL_PATH_HERE] = write the full path to the game here and use a double slash as a separator. Like should i create a text file and then do the necessary stuff and rename it .reg?? (Cause i didn't and it didn't accept the binary). Sorry for annoying but i am really not that good with tech as i used to be on a daily basis.
  4. Allright i'll give this a try, but everything seems to be in russian, and also 1 thing the RAR file which is downloaded it has 3 seperate zip files, and the last one has a password on it, if you know the password can you please tell me
  5. Well from my side everything seems to be fine. Like Zclient is connected and authorized
  6. Well that's the thing. nothing comes up. i clicked on the blue button to join, but it's just there, no bf3.exe is running in the task manager or anything like that
  7. Hello guys hope your well, so recently I thought of joining back and I updated everything and even got the new launcher but it just dosent seem to launch the game at all, like nothing happens, if you've had this sort of problem before or know what I can do to fix please drop the solutions in the comment section. I'd really appreciate it
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