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  1. Internet cafe problem!

    when i unisnstall pb game work for multiply vlients but kick after 1 minut. defenetly problem is with pb! what can we do?
  2. Internet cafe problem!

    Some ideas from developers?
  3. Battlefield 4 loading

    From lan network?
  4. Internet cafe problem!

    No solution? defently is problem no alowed two players on same server.
  5. problem

    Update punkbuster
  6. Internet cafe problem!

    I know about that problem. But my problem is that in internet cafe i cant login two users on one server. Any server. For exemple, Panda server, I login, waiting 5-10 min to load map, ok i am in. Anyone else from internet cafe gets black screen for that server. But they can join Amstel or some other sever. Plzz help me i am not some computer noob i always find some solution, chatting with admins on forums is my last state. I have no idea what could be a problem. Perhaps cd-key of game written i some registry. HELP!
  7. Internet cafe problem!

    Worked only one time. But now, no, one player on one server. Can you give me solution?
  8. Internet cafe problem!

    Found problem/solution with two diferent lounchers two players can play on same server. With same louncher only one player.
  9. Internet cafe problem!

    On different servers works.
  10. Internet cafe problem!

    On same server this message from pipe
  11. Internet cafe problem!

    I am the one with internet cafe. I hava problem. First. Loadig of map takes to long 3-5 minuts. Sometimes it is loading and nothing. Second. When i am on amstel lan i play but second user gets balck loading screen with no photo of map wich is playing. I think it is some kind of problem with two users from internet caffe on same server. Thanks.
  12. Help Isdone.dll problem!

    No hacks for sure. Thanks for notification.
  13. Help Isdone.dll problem!

    I think i found solution. Antivirus deleted some files. Next q. I am owner of internet cafe will i have problem with multiply accounts? With bf3 i had no problem. Thanks.
  14. Help Isdone.dll problem!

    I dont have any solution. I am running Win 64bit.