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  1. I just sent the feedback. I hope you and other admin will help me with this transition. I just made a new account under the username of "e1337". Thank you Sir B7ackhawk
  2. That will help for sure, I can make a new account. should I enclose this post to him?
  3. I am not happy to realize that there are many people who got pb banned for no reason. must be hard for them too. I finally ranked ~120 something after playing for more than 2 years :') this is very depressing. Anyway, is there any way to unban my account? I would really appreciate if anything could be done to undo all these individual account. This is my desperate request. there is nothing worse than taking every hard earned achievement from any gamer in any game. the time invested cannot be compensated ever.
  4. Hello, Today at 23:30 at my country India, I launched the game BF4 on my laptop and couldn't connect with any server. After reading the log in Evonix launch I learnt that I got PB permanent ban. However I am not sure what did I do which led to such ban. My laptop configuration is i5 4210u, 8gb ram, 240gb crucial ssd, nvidia 820m 2gb graphics. I have been playing bf4 since last 3 years and I know my internet sucks too bad, most of the time my ping is around 180- 260. Recently I got a new connection which started giving me a good ping on bf4 with 140 and its surprisingly stable enough to enjoy the game. I remember the last time I played was on 5th April at evening and it was a long haul about 4 hours of game I guess. Also I would like to mention I had numerous lags on 5th April where everything in the game stopped moving for 1-2 seconds, later finding out that I got either killed or everything else moved a bit ahead of me. This could be due to my laptop hardware limitation by which I can only play the game at around 11-17 fps when summer hits India, and 28-39 fps when in winter. Also I would like to mentioned that I have got banned twice for a week and a month last year for using shotgun with frag round(explosive), which was strictly banned in the game at that time.
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