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    how big is the total download size ?

    uhh... you may be telling about the whole bf4 directory files in your hard drive .. sorry for not making it clear. i'm asking about the download size of the whole game. i want to know if that 26gb are already have all the dlc's included. i remembered downloading the BF4 7days trial on Origin's Game Time. after downloading the game. i can play it right away with players using a dlc guns.. so which means, i have the dlc files. so i'm hoping it is same in ZLOrigin.. dude in battlelog says his BF4 folder is 55.8GB with all DLC included so 70GB download is something my wallet can't handle
  2. techenix01

    how big is the total download size ?

    hello guys, care to tell me how big is the total download size of the game (BF4) ? in the download window in origin, it says 26gb, but the DLC's are listed below the progress bar with " waiting " on it. i'm kinda worried if that 26GB is just a base game. and i need to download those DLC's separately. their sizes are insane. they were 4gb ~ 7gb. i have a very limited data, and it will cost me money because our internet data has a price. 1GB = 50PHP ( or 1USD ) i have saved 20gb of download because my cousin has an installer of bf4. but it doesn't have a DLC or any updates. you guys can already play the game after that 26gb download ? or you've waited for another hours for those DLC's ? please let me know. thank you, kindly.