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Found 9 results

  1. Hello. I play Sims 4 on ZLOrigin. I reset my PC. When I tried to download Sims 4, It gave me an error. Error is "196613:200" Can someone help me? And, game gave me an license error too when i didn't reset my PC.
  2. So, for the past month or so, I've been having problems with launching TS4 using ZLOrigin. Everything worked okay before but for some reason ZLOorigin itself started having problems abou a month ago, it behaved like normal Origin. So naturally, I reinstalled it after deleting cache didn't help. That did solve the ZLOrigin problem in itself, however, I can't launch TS4. I've tried deleting the cache a few more times, reinstalling ZLOrigin again, even reinstalling ZClient. I get no error, nothing, the game simply doesn't start. If I run it straight through ZClient, nothing happens. It authorises the game but it doesn't start. If I click play in ZLOrigin, the play button will appear to be active, implying that the game has been launched, however, nothing happens and the button will return to its normal state after less than a minute as if I closed the game. I have no idea what could be causing this, I've tried reinstalling stuff more times than I can count, I've checked if my antivirus is active like hundreds of times and everything seems to be okay. My PC runs on Windows 10 and it used to have no problems, as I mentioned, with starting the game like a month ago.
  3. zclient se conecta a mí, pero cuando entro en sims 4, pasa un tiempo y el juego cierra el origen y zclient se desconecta. Tengo una computadora portátil con Windows 10 de 64 bits
  4. I've downloaded and played sims with this installer for quite a bit now, but as of yesterday its started giving me the error "The program can't start because ZUpdaterx32.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem" I've redownloaded the entire thing, replaced the EXISTING ZUpdaterx32.dll file, redownloaded sims. nothing seems to be working! please help
  5. I have this problem. How can I solve this ? I tried to delete EA license file but it didn't work.
  6. Ok, so..today a new update for the sims 4 launched, but, for some reason, my zlorigin doesn't download it. I tried repairing the game, right-clicked it and tried to manually update it, but nothing happens. Instead, i get a message saying "The Sims 4 is already updated", but if i enter the game, nothing changed...there is something that i could do to fix this?
  7. Здравствуйте! Извиняюсь, если добавила не в ту тему. Скачала zclient, zlorigin по инструкции, авторизация в клиенте проходит отлично, а вот с злориджин войти не могу. Скрин ниже. Все папки добавлены в исключение.
  8. Не удаётся подключиться к Zclient. Изначально выдавало "почта не найдена", но после смены адреса почты, выдаёт следующее: P.S.: адрес и пароль ввожу верные - я и копировала их с блокнота, и выходила и заново заходила в аккаунт на сайте (он зашёл, а значит пароль и адрес верны).Антивирус выключен. Что ещё можно сделать?
  9. игра онлайн работает ?
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