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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, this is message i got from launcher me and my brother playing in the same pc: Game run StateChanged State_GameRunning StateChanged StateChanged State_NotLoggedIn State_ClaimReservation 0 StateChanged State_NotLoggedIn State_ClaimReservation 0 StateChanged State_Connecting State_ClaimReservation 637034 StateChanged State_Connecting State_ClaimReservation 637034 StateChanged State_GameLoading State_ClaimReservation 637034 GameWaiting 637034 StateChanged State_Game State_ClaimReservation 637034 Alert 0 24 -1 PunkBuster permanent ban issued on this Game Server for player 'Jamel_ALG' ... GLOBAL PunkBuster GUID BAN e30442f9 StateChanged State_GameLeaving State_Sparta 637034 StateChanged State_GameClosed i noticed that Alert 0 24-1 PunkBuster i tried every solution i know and on youtube or EA help but nothing helped me.
  2. - This toutrial about how to install and check needed battlefield 4 files. 1- First you need Bf4 setup/installed files, for me i downloaded RG version from torrent (License version required). 2- Official Origin Download from official page. 3- ZlOrigin Click here to download. 4-ZClient Download from here. - Now we'll start installation instruction : 1- install Official Origin. 2-Install ZlOrigin in any location in your hard drive, NOT the Origin one. e.g: (D:\Soft\) 3- add ZClient.exe to its own folder. 4- install Downloaded game in any location or place ZInstaller.bat, into the game folder and run. If it's already installed go to the next step. 5- Create folder like that. e.g: (D:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 4) that example i used. 6- copy all Battlefield 4 installed files and paste it here (D:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 4).take you option in your created folder. 7- Now open ZClient.exe and login with your account. 8- Open Origin.exe from e.g. (D:\Games\BT4). 9- Go to origin/application settings/advanced, and change downloaded game location to e.g: 10- Exit from origin and exit from ZClient and re-open them again. 11- go to my games and chose Battlefield 4 you'll notice the origin began checking files. just wait and wait. (sometimes you need to exit and re-open them many times) 12- the origin will install DLC's and updates if they are not installed. it depends on your game version. 13- after that Download and update PunkBuster. 14- open the game from any launcher, Play and enjoy!. -Notices : - All examples are my personal edits you can change any location to install ....etc. - you can use the same instructions on Battlefield 3. - i used that instructions in many computers and it works.
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