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multiplayer problem

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hi guys.

i just downloaded bf4 today

when i started the game as u see in image there is no way to play multiplayer

it just stats campaign

pls help me to join u.h02l_bf4.jpg

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1 час назад, MOBHAM сказал:

I did it step by step but it makes no diffrent

No, you have not read or taught anything! Go study!

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    • By DaYiyi
      will you add them? (x20 sight included)
      you can add them in form of "assignement" add a new tab in there and name it "DICE rollers" (that's an example)
      then add some assignements like 50h as recon. 5000m in total hedshots whit snipers, kills whit sidearms, respawn on your radio beacon, soflam assistances, etc in order to unlock x20 zoom
      something like that
      would you kindly?
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      While we wait for Zlo's Battlefield 4,I just want to do a game versus.Battlefield 4 vs Battlefield 3 in multilplayer.Whom do you choose? and state the reasons why you guys like it. :)
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