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Can't start up ZLOrigin

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Hi everyone,

Unfortunately I can no longer play my games through ZLOrigin, because it won't start up. I have tried reinstalling the ZClient/ZLOrigin folders many times, but the same error keeps reocurring. When I have logged in through ZClient and try to run ZLOrigin, a pop-up comes up which says that the ZUpdaterx32.dll file is missing on my computer. Does anyone know how ti fix this? I have looked at the FAQ btw, and couldnt find an answer. I appreciate the help xx

Also yes in the big FAQ I found this file, but when I put it in my ZLOrigin folder the error still popped up

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1. Add folders with ZClient and ZLOrigin to exceptions antivirus and Windows Defender
2. Check Task Manager. There should not be Origin.exe in the processes. If there is - turn it off
3. ZLOrigin run only after the ZClient has successfully connected and updated.

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