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  1. I aim with keyboard and I still kill you.
  2. Two Cheaters. Mad_Tamada is trying to put C4 on our own TANK and then JohnFuckinWayne is motoring it. This is also called cheating we request for a temp ban. They destroyed the fun of the game. VIDEO: Thanks
  3. @TLGVis Enjoy killing noobs now. lol
  4. I left gaming and went into becoming a PHP & Java expert, so I don't really care anymore.
  5. [DOGE] CLAN CLAN LEADER: [DOGE] THESHERYAR-X CLAN SUB-LEADER: [DOGE] Fazilyousafzai Discord Server (Click to Join) Website: www.doge-clan.ml (Under Construction) How to Join Doge Clan? 1. Be Respectful 2. Notify Leader / Sub Leader 3. Add the [DOGE] Tag Requirements to Join? There are no requirements, just be respectful and play chill. Contact of Leader
  6. 1. SONIC- (https://zloemu.net/user/bf3stats?name=SONIC-) 2. JET SPEED HACK 3. [2XP] >> STAR << ConquestLarge >> 4. Proofs VIDEO (1080p 144FPS): https://youtu.be/Xel03oIiPS4 RANK: Rank 30 LEVEL ETC
  7. Just use Torrent and ZClient use method 2
  8. Just ignore it or remove Windows Defender, after digging I found out that these files can delete/read/write all your files in windows dir and other dir because ZLO has better Anti Cheat than EA lol So, enjoy ;-)
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