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  1. I tried two different launchers, Easy Launcher and another launcher by Hussein smth person.
  2. Hello, I'm sure this problem had been addressed somewhere before in this forum, unfortunately I'm dumb and I can't really figure out how to fix so I hope I'll get some help on here. I've downloaded the game fresh out of the website, also downloaded ZClient. I finished installing the game + DLCs, I extracted Client.zip and replaced the files inside the game folder. I ran ZClient, logged in, then started running the launcher (also downloaded from the forums) and I clicked on joining a server but the error came up. I've followed the instructions on FAQ but I'm unsure if I had done something wrong (My windows defender was also off during the installation of the game and when I ran ZClient). Currently I'm reinstalling the game again for the fourth time and I'm afraid that I will run into the same error again, someone please help me, I sincerely appericate your help.
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