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  1. yea maybe you right about it. and can you close the topic if someone has the problem with installing this to put it up the because it worked after you guys helped me ty,see you around il go play now.
  2. 1 more problem the zloorigin it wants to be updated but i update it and it wont start it need some help with it
  3. -.- this weeks i only pray a god that my ping doesnt hops too much because i dont like it and i hope to donate some money to zlo because of theirs success in the progress with this games one day. keep up the good work
  4. i have that problem with the other games when ping go over 150 when is limit on server 200 it jumps to the 1000 miliseconds it will kick you from the battlefield automaticly. there is need to be some solution for that on global offensive counter strike when the ping goes over 200 it will not kick if the server doesnt have a limit for ping in ms.
  5. here is the proof it worked just renamed the foolder of the download
  6. and can zloemu make some scan for pc before starting everytime battlefield that it scans his folders if it has some hacks or aims that it automaticly deletes
  7. it worked thx alot but i have 1 more problem its about the internet when i play on russian server it kick me after 15 min when it goes to 200 ping and gets normal.my isp sucks i hope i wont get banned by punkbuster because of it.
  8. and still it appears so i failed with this download looks like that and it appears code 2 error
  9. Hi im having a problem with installing it what do i need to fix this installation.
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