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  1. No i disagree for me is a strong evidence that he cheats. I play as i play no matter if you spectate me or not. Its the way i play.
  2. Well the whole ban system is a little weird. You can only see noob cheaters who are obviously cheating. But an expirienced player will need only a little cheating help to become god player and it is not visible from specatore mode because it has to many bugs, and when you ask for a video from their point of view playing like gods they are just deaf. Very suspicious. Regarding unban. I belive that admins should ask for a video before unban. There are some cases where skilled players were banned by noobs. but skilled players most of the times record their action for youtube or for evidence in case of being accused. The conclusion is: If you are cheating its like you dont respect you self and then the other players.
  3. Thats why I asked him for a recent video with a 16k/d AT LEAST as it is easy for him to do that, even if his overall k/d is 2,68.
  4. so if i use nospread and have the ability to turn on/off as desired none will understand anything? and i will keep playing the game legit. Thats nonsense the game just sucks.
  5. @Wiz In the first picture you can see the bullets after he killed obaboba. All bullets in the same hole. In the second picture i made an experiment and see the spread of the bullets is not the same. Pls make an experiment your self and tell me the results.
  6. and your overall k/d is 2,86 http://pandazlo.com/index.php?p=player&sid=2&player=The2XPlayer
  7. ok then will be very satisfied if you upload here a video in metro locker server with a 16 k/d at least as you are doing lately. The weird thing is that 1 month ago i played against you and the score between us was like 6-2 and the last time we played about 2 weeks ago i couldnt even get close to you, you were always kill me. Incredible progress in 2 weeks.
  8. I am sure he is using something. He have very quick and very easy kills with ACE 23. Maybe its not aimbot maybe its nospread.
  9. 1. The2XPlayer (rank 140, ping 184) 2. Aimbot (he enables and disables as he desires, probably Macro) 3. Panda Metro & Locker 4.
  10. pgedy

    Request Unban

    Next time dont use cheats
  11. Very short clip. Maybe luck. You cant judge none from 1 kill.
  12. Go to Panda discord and ask to ban him from server. https://discord.com/channels/360049936823222272/391969712122101760
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