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  1. 0:03 killing without weapon . Yes he is hacking. +
  2. It looks like spectator bug. He is just a camper with bipod and irv who sprays and prays.
  3. Its obvious he enables and disables the hack as he wishes. Also the stats on headshots are very weird. +
  4. http://pandazlo.com/index.php?p=player&sid=2&player=DyadyaYar Very good stats 72,43% headshot
  5. Every time you aim with scope is on enemies head.
  6. My opinion is ... he is cheating, to many kills with wrong aiming.
  7. 1 shot kill. Damage hack. +
  8. Well there is only you who claim that he is cheating the rest who saw the video are saying that there is no cheat.
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