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  1. Lennie Why is it appearing this message? Before i couldn't see that Why I have use VPN? This is a problem with my connection?
  2. Also I've already try to reinstall the game again but it doesn't work the error code keeps appearing
  3. Hello Guys Good afternoon My name is Rafael and I have The The Sims 4 installed on my pc also I have Zlorigin and Zclient installed too. I've been using zlorigin and zcliente since 2018 and I've never had error with it. But recentely it has occurred an erro with my Zlorigin when I try to repair or update my the sims 4 I see the error message - 196610:0 and i can't solve it. I've already tried to remove all zlorigin and clean the cache and I've already to remove zclient and reinstall again but it doesn't work the error keeping show it I would like to fix it. If you could help me I appreciate it Thanks for all support. Good afternoon
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