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    a suggestion

    hi, so in operation locker, only 2 shotguns are allowed per team, can you make it so that also only 2 snipers are allowed per team ? because everytime i play operation locker and end up in metro map and end up losing all 3 objectives, half of the team switches to sniper and we lose all hope of winning 1 sniper per team is perfect
  2. Hello, I just installed apex legends on origin, but when I start the game, it crashes after 20 seconds after starting the game, I was wondering if zlorigin or zlclient has anything to do with it , i checked task manager and zlorigin and zlclient are not running I want to say thank you so much for all your hardwork into making battlefield 4 free, and im looking forward to battlefield 5 and hardline, you guys are the best
  3. Thank you so much, i appreciate your help, and I will pray for u
  4. i was looking into this thread, and i was unable to find zinstallerbat. i have 80 gb space free in my hdd after the download
  5. Hello, Im really sorry for spamming, but i have tried to instal battlefield 4 on zlorigin, and it gave me this error https://ibb.co/jYeugk i saw a thread earlier where it told me to download zinstaller.bat, and do other steps, but i could not find it. I have installed zlorigin, and zclient, i open zclient first, login, then go zlorigin, i downloaded bf4, when it comes to install, it gives me the error. please help me
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