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  1. Afghankiller

    Server Wrong auth data

    I did not try it. You can ask fenix
  2. Afghankiller

    Server Wrong auth data

  3. Afghankiller

    Server Wrong auth data

    Yes, I know exactly the same problem.delete and again add. You must have an email in the folder start server.Use the account for the registry with which you are playing.#acc active#
  4. Afghankiller

    Server Wrong auth data

    I already had this problem. You should reboot the server. https://bf3.zloemu.net/servers?user
  5. Afghankiller

    an-94_macro hack

    are u an-94??goodjob fps 50+ping 160-200 and got 164 kill
  6. Afghankiller

    an-94_macro hack

    1_ an-94_macro 2_ ping 160 3_ oneshot 4_ pycckuu tdm noshahr I could not get more proof Because the game end. got 164 kill in 15 min.
  7. Afghankiller

    speed hack jet

    Hello, Friends of the people in Zlo are using a speed jet hack. And this is a secret hack. Can anyone help me out what this program is and how it works??? so that the admin can see the speed of the players.Is this program allowed???I want to see players jet speed on my server.
  8. Afghankiller

    MAXtor NO cheater

    This is a repetition that is said by all sinners
  9. Afghankiller

    DeathNote007 HACK

    608headshot of the 724 kill??
  10. Afghankiller

    DeathNote007 HACK

    1_DeathNote007 2_oneshot+aimbot 3-pycckuu tdm noshahr
  11. Afghankiller

    geky-ume HACK

    1_geky-ume 2_one shot 3_pcckuu metro
  12. Afghankiller

    Battlefield - Montages and sick moments.

    long distance kill heli by tank
  13. Afghankiller

    Change My Laptop