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  1. I'm trying to run bettervanilla only, it crashed in noshahr too maybe I have an invalid Settings.ini file? I used the one which came with BFM.exe 1nt1c4t10n 13:44 Because the mod is not accepting your server. Join a server that have a valid server name. That server should work: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/de/servers/show/pc/0b2c02ac-43ad-40d0-8e4c-181d01920429/BFLAG-5x5-SMAKDOWN-PW-kurwa/ You 13:45 okay, I will try it does this mean that bettervanilla can only be used on certain servers? nope. it crashed again 1nt1c4t10n 13:46 Yes because people would start cheating with it. | Let me try it. You 13:47 oh. that's a shame. I always wanted to play pub with ADS FOV = hipfire FOV but i guess it is kind of a cheat, in a way 1nt1c4t10n 13:48 There's a lot more in my mod than just that. If you're playing with my mod you also have No Suppression, No Increasing Spread, Better Colors and much more.
  2. Unfortunately, I tried it in noshahr and it did not work (instantly crashed the game). After contacting the mod developer, he explained that it will only work on certain servers, namely bazaar servers with "5v5" in the name, to prevent people from cheating with his mod (he said it will remove suppression, spread, improve colors as well). I was unaware about the mod including nospread, but I guess it is a cheat in that case.
  3. There is a link to download & install it in the description. I want to know if it's allowed on zlo.
  4. Voteban should be removed. Countless times people tried to voteban me because of kd only, people on my team, people on enemy, people who can't kill more than they die, etc. There are even some players who knowingly start a voteban on a good player, knowing the bad players will vote yes, thinking they can farm the server when the good player is gone, but in reality still being ever as bad as beforehand.
  5. I like how this always turns political!
  6. NNmJYwg

    ban for what

  7. Ah, I thought 510 was the standard for all. Good info!
  8. 510 kills is last battlepack as far as I know.
  9. PsuedoPlayer.SpawnCount 64 Server.IsDesertingAllowed 1 Game.HasUnlimitedAmmo 1 Server.HumanHealthMultiplier 100 SyncedGame.BulletDamageModifier 500 100 health multiplier (so 10 000 hp) so that grenades do not kill the bots (they spawn and spam grenades) 500 times more bullet damage - you will one shot with all weapons. On operation locker when you spawn: Server.movePlayer 0 (-902,1001,-351) It will teleport you into the CN base. You can stand from a distance and farm bots with ~50-100 kills per minute. However it will still take you very long to farm all battlepacks. With this 50kpm method I had 3 hours for all carbines only (think about this for a minute). You will also have to restart the server in between rounds because the command for infinite ammo (Game.HasUnlimitedAmmo 1) will cause your game to crash on loading a new map.
  10. About bullet damage - I don't know if it's allowed. But no servers were shut down for bots in the past. If serverside bullet damage mod is not allowed, then you can play on 60hp too. It will take you long no matter what you do. It took me 3 hours alone to get all battlepacks for every carbine, and the snipers will take very long.
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