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  1. 196613:200 This. It's stuck on this for a long time, no? I have it too. Both with and without VPN. I followed this guide: https://help.ea.com/en-us/help/origin/origin/manually-uninstalling-origin/#hard-way To uninstall ZLOrigin and reinstalled it. Did not help. There was very high network usage when ZLOrigin verifies the game files and the ususal 0.1/32gb never appeared. Also something strange: ZLOrigin absolutely insisted on installing BF3 Close Quarters, even when Battlefield 3 wasn't installed.
  2. 0.78 kd 0.42 kpm -> he sucks about this kill is suspicious so maybe he knew he sucked and got damage mod. need more proof for sure
  3. NNmJYwg

    a suggestion

    funny that you say that cause your main (Thurrax) has 1.6 kd and 0.6 kpm so maybe it's bf1 time for u anyway
  4. NNmJYwg

    a suggestion

    yes, because you are soooo skilled and know about the game (SARCASM) this is the best meme - the most incompetent players are the admins of the most popular servers - good players get banned for "macro" and "cheat" and there are no rules
  5. NNmJYwg

    a suggestion

    Here's a suggestion: -Ban flashbangs -Ban claymores -Ban bipods on LMGs -Ban shotguns -Ban m320/rpg/xm25 (all variants)/m26 (all variants) -DMR limit (2 per team) -Sniper limit (2 per team) All of these things would make battlefield 4 a more skill based game but since the admins of the server could not care less about providing a skill based experience, none of these rules will EVER be put in place. If you actually want a skill based experience, LEAVE zlo bf4 (because the players are all bots) and buy the game, and play on certain servers which actually have rules.
  6. fatkek i'm interested in the record and archer has nothing to do with this
  7. Hello! I am interested to know what the highest skill rating ever on zlo is/was. This is the highest I can find right now:
  8. NNmJYwg


  9. NNmJYwg


    well you can't, you are using 4x scope on m416 and m320 , 4x scope is unusable unless you are maybe using a macro ?
  10. NNmJYwg


    good music
  11. remove this cancer from zlo.
  12. Your PB GUID is associated with a cheater so GGC-Stream kicks you. Use a different account.
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