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  1. NNmJYwg

    Please help me :(

    Okay, so I think what's happening is that your game is missing multiplayer files. Can you give me the total size of Battlefield 3 folder -- the folder containing bf3.exe? It should be 20 Gb without DLC (only vanilla maps like metro and noshahr) and 32 Gb with DLC. If it's around 15 Gb - you have a version with multiplayer files removed.
  2. NNmJYwg

    Please help me :(

    Other than doing what Wuntila suggested, also take a look at Windows Event Viewer - google the codes it gives you.
  3. NNmJYwg

    Ring Of Elysium Читер или нет?

    lol? how is this related to zlo?
  4. NNmJYwg

    BF 4 start and exit

    Make a new account.
  5. NNmJYwg


    Ahhh THX. I can't count how many times you've pressured me, caused me stress, been unreasonable, and spoken broken english. Unfortunately for you, you decided to mess with Brendo and got messed with in return. Now you also have a GGC ban on your hands. For people reading this, this person pressured me countless times to betray my friends just to avoid being banned, even though I could avoid bans with a VPN. He threatened to record me in spectator mode and call my aim "aimbot" and get me global banned. (For the record, my aim is not aimbot, my movements are similar to relaaa and eightt.) THX, I think YOUR story is ending in zlo.
  6. NNmJYwg


    What don't you understand about GTFO?
  7. NNmJYwg

    AeroSyntax cheater

  8. NNmJYwg

    AeroSyntax cheater

    Just banter, dw bout it
  9. NNmJYwg

    AeroSyntax cheater

    Upvote. Could not have said it better myself.
  10. NNmJYwg

    MAXtor NO cheater

    Yeah, because you cheated and now your account is RIP. Begone, thot.
  11. Lugan-Maks was the admin who banned him. I think you can imagine why a good player was banned.
  12. I don't quite understand. All I can see is an AN94 being fired rather slowly in burst mode, then bad aim in full auto mode. Seems like an indication that that player has low skill!
  13. NNmJYwg

    geky-ume HACK

    It's a shame that this kid started cheating, cause I actually have a full round game where he plays against a cheater on my team and is not cheating. Though it looks like 1shot, I think more proof is in order considering the 30hz tickrate of BF3 servers.
  14. I don't understand. Where in the video do you see a macro?
  15. NNmJYwg

    Change My Laptop